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Nothing adds character and style to a kitchen or home more than a granite countertop. Whether it’s a spacious and inviting island between next to your stove or a grounding force underneath your cabinets, the striking quality of natural stone can enhance the look and feel of a room tenfold. Naturally, with the price tag, quality kitchen counters are an investment for any homeowner, but they are absolutely worth the price and definitely add value.

Considering the investment you’re making in a premium surface countertop, you want to ensure you’re taking all the necessary steps you can to protect it from wear and tear. After all, a majority of granite countertops are in the kitchen where there is a lot of commotion and activity—not to mention possibilities damage. A benefit of granite is that it naturally resists heat, taking most instances of heat impairment off the table—no pun intended; however, staining can occur, whether through spills or the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

While you want a granite countertop that is durable and will withstand the test of time, you also want one you can truly make use of. This is why sealing your granite countertop is absolutely essential, as it allows all parts of it—from the dead center to the countertop edges—to be completely impervious to discoloration and harmful staining. The granite vs. quartz topic is always one worth exploring, but we’re going to specifically focus on granite and how to make the most of it by sealing your countertop properly.


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Arizona Granite Countertops Remodeling