F1 Home Services is your premier Arizona Kitchen Renovations company, offering services to all customers statewide. Serving our customers out of our office in Phoenix, AZ, we offer both virtual and in-home design consultations to help you plan your kitchen and other home projects.

Arizona Kitchen Bathroom Renovations


Induction Cooking

Induction cooktops continue to grow in popularity as connected home technology becomes more mainstream. Its safe-to-the-touch surface is perfect for families with small children, plus its speedy heating time gets dinner on the table fast.

“Consumers are looking for cooking appliances that are more responsive, flexible, intuitive to use and that produce chefs’ quality cooking results," says Beatriz Sandoval, Director of Brand Marketing for Thermador.

Beatriz says consumers are also looking for more space and flexibility in using larger cookware, and Thermador's newest induction cooktop, Freedom, offers the largest usable cooking surface on the market. "With faster and more precise heating, unparalleled power and standout simmering results, induction cooking is a method we can expect will continue to trend upward," she says.

Arizona Kitchen Bathroom Renovations
Arizona Kitchen Bathroom Renovations

Tile with Intrigue

We fully support a good subway tile backsplash, but we’re also falling for today's array of beautiful, bold tile designs. Use artisanal tile to spice up a white kitchen or add even more intrigue to a colorful kitchen.

“I definitely think people are going to be more bold in picking out not only tiles, but color, and pattern for their homes in the coming year," says Dabito of Old Brand New. "People are definitely tired of seeing basic, boring white homes. We need more homes with color!”

If you're hesitant to go straight to a loud, colorful tile choice, start with a simple pattern in black and white. “I chose Moroccan cement tiles with a very simple organic pattern for our backsplash [pictured above]," says Dabito. "It's handmade and playful without being too overwhelming.”

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Arizona Kitchen Renovations

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