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Once upon a time, granite was the first and last word in residential kitchen countertops. When homeowners fantasized about their dream kitchens, there was no doubt that granite countertops would be a part of it. With their timeless elegance and excellent resale value, granite ruled with the steady dominance unseen by other materials.

That is, until now.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) there is a new number-one for residential kitchen countertops and that material is quartz.

Quartz is everywhere these days, just turn on any HGTV show and you will see it featured in many of their kitchen projects.

Arizona Kitchen Bathroom Renovations

Though granite is still an incredibly popular (and excellent) choice for kitchen countertops, many are starting to recognize the appeal of quartz. A man-made surface, quartz is the first surface to give granite a run for its money. Over the past five years or so, more homeowners and designers have begun to realize the benefits of quartz surfaces and there has been a steady increase in the specification of quartz in kitchen and bath projects.

In their blog “6 Top Trends For Kitchen Countertop Design in 2019”, Sebring Design Build, Quartz is listed as their #1 trend inching ahead of granite in popularity for residential kitchen countertops.

So what is it about quartz that is so appealing? Our in-house designers at F1 Home Services cite some specific qualities.



Quartz countertops are made up of 88% real quartz, the hardest mineral on Earth, making the countertops made with it exceptionally durable as well as resistant to stains and scratches. With its durability and variety of appearances available, quartz is an extremely cost effective solution with a similar regal and elegance usually only seen in natural stone or granite without any of the need for sealing.


Ease of Maintenance

Quartz is renowned for it's ease of maintenance because it is a non-porous by design, without the need for sealing, oiling, or waxing. Quartz can be cleaned with warm soap and water on a sponge or soft cloth - no special cleaners to deal with or purchase. Since quartz is non-porous, it is also resistant to bacteria, making it ideal for surfaces where food prep takes place.



Quartz comes in a wide range of colors, unlike natural stone, which is limited to the natural process through which its formed. Natural stone can also vary in it's appearance so what you get in your kitchen may vary from the sample you may have selected.

Quartz is available in any color of the rainbow and can be easily fabricated into virtually any shape or size, making it easy to fit into any style of decor.

Arizona Kitchen Bathroom Renovations

Looks Like Natural Stone

Quartz Manufacturers produce quartz countertops in everything from solid colors to imitation granite and marble. Some of the most beautiful Quartz choices we offer look so much like authentic marble, almost no one would suspect it isn’t the real thing.

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Quartz surfacing will never leave you wanting for choices and it seems it is here to stay as a top choice of countertop surfaces, for good reason!

Would you like more information on quartz? Request a consultation and talk with our surfacing experts from F1 Home Surfaces. We’ll explain how although Quartz is “man-made,” it offers quality, variety, versatility, longevity, and style that rivals even the finest granite.

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