The Most Bang for Your Home Renovation and Remodeling Buck

The F1 Home Services Team - August 2019

Phoenix Tile Installation

Renovations can seem daunting – drywall and flooring dust everywhere, staring into the bare skeleton of your cabinets, or the worse part: losing usage of your living spaces or bathroom(s) while your project is underway.

The value of selling an improved home cannot be understated since people want a “new” home that is move in ready. Some discussions on popular sites like Trulia and Kiplingers speak to agents and sellers that agree that a “Move-In Ready” home commands top dollar and often values over comparable properties (or “comps”) in the same neighborhood. The Kiplingers report lists top renovations that include hardwood floors and garage storage space, but it also lists things that are harder to accomplish on your own.


Laundry Rooms

Many of us cannot think of a more monotonous and endless chore than laundry. Minimize that tedious feeling by improving the laundry room area in your home beyond buying new appliances.

Adding shelfing, building a rack, or short closet rod to hang up clothes, or setting aside spacing for supplies are the first things that come to mind. Taking it to the next step improves your home livability and may seal the deal when time comes to sell your home.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation
Arizona Remodeling Renovation
Arizona Remodeling Renovation

Adding an area for folding clothes with a hinge that allows it to fold up when not in use is a great way to repurpose an unused door or open the area up. Keeping areas open and bright improves the look of your home to prospective customers.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation
Arizona Remodeling Renovation

Think outside of the box: add a TV to your laundry room. If you HAVE to be there dealing with clothes, towels, and sheets, you may as well stay entertained. You don’t have to add a movie theatre-sized screen and surround sound, but dropping money on a 19” TV and wall mount would make spending time in your laundry room less of a chore.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation

Walk-In Pantry

We have all heard the phrase and there is some validity to it: pantry envy. It is real because we all live in homes that we return to even when you’re in the home buying process. We return to our CURRENT pantry situation and dream about what we want in our new home.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation
Arizona Remodeling Renovation

Adding an organizational system is the easiest way to improve your pantry. Shelving and organizational systems like a can organizer could

A more radical approach is to locate a different area in your home that you can repurpose into a space for a pantry. Renovating the space gives you the pantry of your dreams and adds a level of customization to your home that your neighbors do not have.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation
Arizona Remodeling Renovation
Arizona Remodeling Renovation

Another vitally important factor in home renovation is choosing a company with the experience, the licensing, the bonding, the insurance, but also a company with the imagination. F1 Home Services draws on the experience of Floor One for their tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl installation, but also has a staff of project managers and estimators with over 30 years of home improvement experience. Contact us today to learn more about what F1 Home Services can do to make your dream home your reality.


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