— The F1 Home Services Team, September 2019

A kitchen or bathroom remodel are never complete without adding an over-the-top look-at-me feature, with a nicely built backsplash. The right backsplash helps with your kitchen or bathroom in a variety of different beautiful ways.

Backsplashes protect the wall that lies directly behind it from moisture and other cooking materials. Fumes from cooking contain grease, enzymes, and all different kinds of proteins that will shorten the life of wallpaper and paint. Creating a durable backsplash adds longevity to your walls and the overall structure of your house.

The right backsplash will also cut down on cleaning time and costs. Tile backsplashes are impervious to many stains and splashes and stands up to many types of cleaners. Glass and ceramic tile, as well as stone, will add that layer of protection to the wall and your kitchen but should be installed by an experienced installer who takes the time to check for drywall damage and a level surface, devoid of warped spots.

If your current backsplash needs replacing, you need an experienced artisan that understands what it takes to create a backsplash to finish off and beautify your kitchen.

Bathroom backsplashes are usually afterthoughts, and yet they create an attractive backstop that also serves as an excellent accent to the wall.

Whichever way you go, make sure you don’t stop short on the backsplash – it adds to the finished look of either room in your house.F1 Home Services is your premier home renovations and remodeling company. Let us show you how impressive a well-designed backsplash in your kitchen/bathroom supplements its beauty. CONTACT US today to schedule your free in-home design consultation.

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