F1 Home Services is Arizona's premier family owned home renovation and remodeling company. We don't cover up the space and old problems, we help you INNOVATE - DESIGN - BUILD your new perfect home.

Creating the plan to build and rebuild starts with scheduling a design consultation and knowing what your team is capable of. Don't trust a company that has only a few services available - trust a company that can be YOUR COMPLETE SOLUTION.



F1 Home Services is Your Complete Home Remodeler
for All Your Residential Needs

Use one of our virtual designers to visualize your dream setup, then CONTACT US to schedule your free in-home consultation and take the steps to make your dream become a reality!

Arizona Kitchen Bathroom Renovations


Let's turn the busiest room in your house into one of the coolest rooms in your house. Spending time cooking for your family doesn't mean you have to spend it in a drab room with outdated cabinets and counter tops. Let us turn your kitchen into something modern and beautiful, somewhere you WANT to spend your time.

Phoenix Tucson Bathroom Remodeler


One of the top features in a home when buyers are looking and when homeowners want to elevate their level of comfort. New showers, tubs, shower enclosures, wall tile, plumbing - it all comes together to create a real oasis.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


If you spend time working from home, why not love where you work? F1 Home Services helps you design a work space that rivals the highest end offices without using the highest end budget. Functionality with beauty is the goal of every project.

Phoenix Renovations and Remodeling


Why ask a big national company to get your countertops? F1 Home Services cuts out the middle man by having our own in-house countertop fabricators with access to the most popular brands and surfaces.


Tired of that wall and wishing you could open up your closet, bedroom, or dining room? F1 Home Services makes your vision a reality with experienced artisans that offer solutions before problems arise.



Setting up your living space might involve moving your electrical plugs and junction boxes around. Our skilled electricians will always complete your work, ensuring it is up to code and designed to last in your home for years and years to come.


Whenever you open up or divide a room, count on our drywall artisans working with the framers to accomplish these tasks with expert results.

Arizona Plumbing Contractor


Your dream shower may need valves or your shower drain moved and F1 Home Services has experienced plumbers who will get the job done right. Why allow someone into your home that just covers up your existing tub or shower when you can make your bathroom entirely new.

Arizona Carpenter Contractor


Creating your dream vision could involve setting up new half walls, perhaps creating an arched entry way or setting up and dividing room. With our skilled in-house carpentry staff, no challenge is too great for them.

Arizona Painting Contractor


Touching up your home and having a team of experienced painters allows F1 Home Services to provide quick service and completion of your project, adding a finished feel. Whether you are adding an accent wall color or transforming your whole interior, no job is too big or too small.


The artisans that work for F1 Home Services have over 50 years combined experience in doing tile work, on your floor, on your walls, interior or exterior, our team can make your home look as rustic or as modern as you want.

Arizona Kitchen Cabinets


Our selection and ideas for your kitchen cabinets can be ordered through our Project Managers and our team. We offer cabinets from top manufacturers that help provide a distinctive and refined look.

Arizona Bathroom Renovations


Finishing off a superior bathroom renovation couldn't be done with a new vanity or cabinet system. Let F1 Home Services help you pick the right cabinet to complete your look.


Whether it is in your kitchen, bathroom, or work space, the right counter top doesn't just make a statement of elegance but adds durability and cuts time off your daily cleaning routine.

Phoenix Tucson Home Remodeler


The perfect floor accentuates your newly renovated space. The right floor also cuts down on daily and weekly maintenance and will give you years of problem free living.


New walls can help accent a new entry way, door, or even create a welcoming path into your home. Why limit yourself to the inside of your home when the journey can start on the outside?


Setting up and replacing walls is a specialty for our masonry and concrete specialists. Making a structure and wall from blocks requires an eye for detail and knowledge of how the surroundings affect the wall. Our experts are ready to make the right recommendations for you.


Continuing the original build of your home with textured walls inside and stucco on the outside is key to making your renovation blend seamlessly into your home. Trust our artisans who have years of experience creating textures to match your home.


Creating new living and working spaces may mean adding framing and walling off a room, installing a new doorway, as well as installing new electrical and cabling to make it truly functional. Let our experts plan out the room and space and get it built to your specifications.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation
Arizona Remodeling Renovation


Our In-House Designers will create kitchen, living room, home office, and bathroom plans that make your vision come one step closer to reality.

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Monday: 8:30AM - 5:30PM
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F1 Home Services is a family owned Arizona company, proudly serving families in the metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson areas.

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