You can't just create your dream vision in 5 minutes - F1 Home Services walks you through our proven process that starts with you and keeps you involved through the whole process.

We know any renovation or remodeling project can be daunting. While there are always unknowns, F1 Home Services leans on their team, with over 150 years of combined remodeling and renovation experience to make this process as smooth as possible.

"We prepare you through planning and communication. We keep you in the loop every step of the way. We care about your project and we will do all we can to make your house into YOUR DREAM HOME."

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


Your vision has been crafted in your mind for years and you're not sure of how to get there - that's where F1 Home Services comes in. The first step in the right direction is to schedule a Design Consultation with one of our experienced Project Managers.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


F1's experienced Project Managers take your design and show you the different ways to improve on your ideas. We look at and explain the scope of work needed, we walk you through the process, and we will show you how to make your vision a reality.

We discuss with you and learn your goals and how we can accomplish them. We will measure and go over all your design ideas and make recommendation to reach your ultimate goals with your remodel.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


F1 Home Services has a staff of experienced artisans that take tremendous pride in their work. Our team strives to get your job done in a timely manner and meet your expectations.

You will meet with our team so we can learn your goals and make a plan to accomplish them. We will measure and go over all your design ideas, making recommendations on how to reach your ultimate goals with your remodel.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


Now that we know your vision and we have worked with you to find the best way to make your vision become reality, we next help you find the materials that best meets your needs and is pleasing to the eye.

We will point you in the right direction and introduce you to the distributors will be needed for the materials you have selected.

With all kitchen and bath remodels, we will send you a 3D rendering of your layout so you have a visual concept of how your project will look upon completion. With our in-house designers and selection of materials, we will put together everything your job needs to exceed your satisfaction.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


F1 crews work to schedule your project based on your scheduling availability, when (and if) materials are needed, and how soon those materials can be delivered. We also offer Free Delivery for all materials for your project.

Our teams will only schedule your projects once all the materials are in hand, eliminating any long waiting periods and down time in your project.

Our office will communicate with you regarding the scheduling of your project. If you are not sure about how things are progressing, we encourage you to call our office at (480) 450-3260.

Our teams work consecutive days until your job is complete - we do not like to prolong our jobs and know you want your vision to become reality in a timely manner.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


When the work begins, each step of the way is overseen by your Project Manager and Site Supervisor to ensure the highest quality work and professionalism is maintained.

Our team helps with framing, carpentry, fabricating your counter tops, replacing drywall, moving or installing electrical, fixing plumbing - everything your job needs.

The pride we show in the work we do comes from not just being your company of choice, but from being your neighbor. The owner, your Project Manager, Site Supervisor, and our teams all live in Arizona. The decisions on getting your materials and the people inspecting the work are all from Arizona and not from some out-of-state corporation.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


Our team will schedule the first phase of remodel - demolition and removal of existing structures in the project area. We will haul away all debris and trash from the job site and may do this by having a portable or mobile dumpster onsite.

Our team will always respect your home and take preventative measures to ensure care and concern is exercised during your project.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


The second phase will be determined based on what your individual renovation calls for. Our team will schedule the craftsmen and artisans for each of their responsible trades. These artisans may include specialists in framing, drywall/textures, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, countertops, painting, flooring and carpentry - all working in conjunction with each other to meet the project deadlines.

Our Site Superintendents and Project Managers will be on site every step of the way. Being a phone call away is not good enough for our team - they will be on your project to ensure everything meets your expectations and to help educate you on each step.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


Your project has taken some time, but we are not done yet. We will check the work as it is completed and then we will look at your project together. If something isn't right, we will make it right.

After our walk through, our team will complete any finishing touches and really pick up the fine details that give your home a FINISHED look and feel.

Arizona Remodeling Renovation


Our last meeting for your project will include a complete walk through of your finished project. Everything is checked to ensure it meets building code and, more importantly, YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

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